Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cuteness overload

Last Saturday I was invited to attend my boyfriend's nephew's first birthday. As a gift I offered to bring my fancy camera, Fernando (it's name, deal with it, lol) and all his fancy attachments and be the photographer for the day so no one (specifically the mother) had to worry about photos not being taken. This was actually a really good excuse to use my beloved Fernando, but I also knew how much they would appreciate the opportunity to be more "in" the party then taking the pics themselves.

I'm going to go ahead and warn you. You may be overloaded with cuteness. This kid, Elijah(Eli) is so cute it makes your ovaries kick on at just the sight of him. Remember, you've been warned.

Oh and a puppy may or may not have been photographed with said adorable baby. Again, you've been warned!

Gratuitous shot of my handsome man (after he got the badminton bird cock stuck in the racket...)

 The photographer becomes and unwilling model, this is my form of rebellion....

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