Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She look like the winning horse at the Kentucky Berby

I am definitely looking forward to summer movie time, but here are two I think look particularly good. Well, at least the first one, and the second one is a guilty pleasure. I admit it, I love Mandy Moore movies. Ugh, it feels shameful. :)

The Help

Love, Wedding, Marriage

She works hard for the money....

So hard for it, honey!

After an incredible weekend at the beach with  the boy, followed by tying up loose ends with the big move and Easter with the families, I began this week at my new job. This is why i have been a little MIA lately, but never fear my dear friends, i shall not leave you be. I will prevail and provide with fun videos/pics, with the occasional FSU and life update. I'll be more busy than ever, but it will be worth. Oh so very worth it. I love knowing I'm in my "Career" versus a "job" now. Feels great!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh dear...

I can't say I blame these soldiers for dancing to Britney Spears and Lady Gaga while stuck in Afghanistan and trying to find amusement......but you posted it on YouTube.....dudes....seriously......

 Britney....( I think the moves at 2:29 are CLASSIC)



Ok, I admit it. I have a serious guilty pleasure for SyFy movies. You know, the really cheesy ones that star actors from the eighties and early nineties? So much cheese, but so much awesome and WIN.

There's a new one coming out soon,and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for it

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Screw those gators down in gainesville!

haha, my boyfriend's sister found video of Jake Owen form the FSU Downtown getdown with him singing HIS version of Seminole wind

Here's the original for comparison. I LOVE THIS SONG.

And here's Jake's change to his hit "don't think I can't love you"

Everyone loves a birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mom! I love you so very much!

Spring Game Weekend

Last weekend was a doosey for sure. Crammed back to back with stuff to do, but overall a great time.

It all started when I got a call from my friend Alison at around 11:30 am on Friday telling me she HAD to get out of town (she lives in the Tampa area) and asked if it was cool if she crashed at my place. OF COURSE. I love when friends from out of town, but I was even more excited because I just so happened to be moving the next morning and an extra set of arms/legs to help move would be fine by me!

That night happened to be the lead up to Saturday's big FSU Football Spring Game (Garnet and Gold game), so accordingly there was a traditional "Downtown Getdown". Basically Tallahassee shuts down the down town area, puts food and drink vendors about and there is always at least one stage of live music.

One view of some downtown buildings
My view from my table out side 'Andrew's Capital Bar & Grill"  (yum!)

Good times had by all. Especially since Jake Owens, who happens to be a FSU alumni (!) was scheduled to perform.

I didn't get any good shots of him on stage because I am short, was not near the front, and I only had my camera phone. Picture taking fail!

After the concert we went to a few of our favorite bars and sadly I may have had one too many martini's. I felt HORRIBLE the next day. I was a pathetic loser who could barely walk, let alone move anything. Thank God for amazing friends and an awesome boyfriend who did the moving. I am eternally grateful!

Later in the day when I had regained mobility and the ability to not feel like roadkill, we went to the Spring Game to watch our noles. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, which also means it was super sunny. Which means Alison adn I got fried, lol. We put on sunscreen repeatedly, but this is what happened to poo Alison when she lifted my necklace off her chest that she borrowed from me.

Of course I had a great time. I got to hang out with my favorite football freak Coach, Vic Viloria. He of course was in standard uniform with his black FSU shirt and khaki pants. Good ole' Vic.
After the game we were all pretty wiped out. We went and got dinner and calle dit an early night. Such party animals, I know.
The next day was spent getting brunch at Angelette's. If you have not been here, you are out of your mind. Absolutely delicious and such a bargain! After some shopping we parted ways with out visitor and back home to do laundry and other things that needed to be done. It wasn't a CRAZY weekend, but it was a damn fine one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Don't mess with the Chief

Apparently the people who develop all those sportss video games (EA) wised up and decided to include the coolest part about FSU football game openers into their games now.

Score for Chief Osceola and Renegade

Tickle tickle

Before I make my post about my awesome weekend (and it's part of not awesome), here's giggling penguin.
Too cute, I know :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinos are scary, kapeesh?


This is a short video of a guy wearing one of those ultra-realistic 'Walking with Dinosaurs' t-rex suits and running around an Australian schoolyard trying to make kids tar their pits pants. Most of the children run in terror, but I spotted at least a couple future dino-lovers in the crowd. Personally, I would have mounted that thing like a rodeo bull and ridden it for the full 8-seconds -- then another 30 until I was finished. "Finished what?" *wink* "FINISHED WHAT?!" *raising the roof*

Thanks to Enormosaurus, Jim, peanut, Shenanigans and Jonathan, who used to have imaginary dinosaur friends that sat with them at lunch to help protect their desserts from bullies. Daaaaaaaaaw.

Source:  Geekologie

Thursday, April 14, 2011

But Cats don't like water......

Cat's amazingly cute encounter with dolphins becomes Internet sensation

By: Pete Thomas,

Recently-posted video footage showing a cat's incredibly cute encounter with dolphins at a marine park in Islamorada, Fla., is touching the hearts of viewers from around the world. The playful bonding between a cat named Arthur and dolphins named Thunder and Shiloh occurred in the late 1990s at Theater of the Sea, during the facility's swim-with-dolphins program. The footage, showing Arthur rubbing his head against and lovingly pawing the slender snouts of the sleek mammals, has gone viral since being uploaded to the Internet last month.

Beverley Osborne, then a dolphin trainer and now curator at Theater of the Sea, said Arthur was one of the facility's many house cats and used to look forward to the swim programs and the arrival of dolphins and guests at the shoreline floats. "That was his area and he was there for every program," Osborne recalled. "He'd walk toward the dolphins when they'd arrive but the dolphins would come over to him, too. But he was very friendly with Thunder and Shiloh during that particular session."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Little Robot Made to Clean the Icky Spots

I have been coveting any of my friends or family that has a Roomba for years now. And just when I thought things couldn't get more awesome, what do they do? They invent a self-mopping robot! Take that dirty floors!

The Little Robot Made to Clean the Icky Spots

By Katherine Boehret, The Wall Street Journal

Thanks to robots, there's no excuse for a dirty floor.
This week, I took a break from my normal product testing to run a robot through the paces of washing, scrubbing and squeegeeing my tile and hardwood floors. The Scooba 230 ( is the latest model in iRobot Corp.'s large family of household-helping gadgets, which includes the popular Roomba robotic vacuum, introduced in 2002.
Sold in a $300 package with accessories, the Scooba 230 is the least expensive Scooba from iRobot; the earlier Scooba 350 and Scooba 380 cost $400 and $500, respectively. It's less than half the size and weight of its larger and pricier predecessors, giving it the ability to scoot into tough-to-reach spots, like behind most bathroom toilets, where nobody wants to clean.
I like a lot of things about this robot, especially that it's smart enough to separate clean water from dirty water as it goes—instead of just regurgitating the same water and pushing it across the floor, like a mop. Loading the robot with water and cleaning solution takes just a minute, robbing even the laziest people of an excuse for not cleaning. And its compact size makes it easy to store.

But to keep its price down, iRobot took away this Scooba's ability to vacuum as it scrubs the floors like previous Scooba models, so users will have to sweep or vacuum before they place it down and hit the power button. This defeats the idea of letting the robot do all the work. And unlike Roomba, which automatically returns to its recharging base after vacuuming so it can charge itself, Scooba stays where it finishes the job. An iRobot spokeswoman said this design is deliberate because it forces people to empty Scooba's bladder full of dirty water, rather than forgetting about it.
According to iRobot's findings on people's use patterns, the Roomba robotic vacuum is used three to five times a week, a stark difference from their normal cleaning patterns of vacuuming once weekly. In my experience, the Roomba study held true for Scooba, as well.
IRobot, which was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by two students and their professor, has sold more than six million robots in the past nine years. Specialty models include land-mine detectors for the U.S. Army, a robot that monitored the water in the Gulf of Mexico after last year's oil spill and four robots that iRobot sent to Japan for help with recovery efforts at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The company's future plans include AVA, a robot that uses an iPad or Android tablet to run apps created internally and by outside app developers. Though AVA is just a concept for now, it could function autonomously, running apps that offer health-care assistance, games and mobile music. IRobot operates on the philosophy that a robot isn't a robot unless it interacts with its environment.
One of Scooba's competitors, the $200 Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner from Evolution Robotics Inc.Swiffer Sweeper. Mint follows a projected signal beamed out from a separate device set in the room, and this is intended to help the device build a navigational map of a space, though it doesn't prevent the device from leaving a specific area. (, isn't quite as advanced. It moves around the floor with wet or dry cleaning cloths attached to its underbelly, much like a motorized
I tried the Scooba 230 in a large bedroom and a small bathroom, though it didn't fit behind my toilet, which I'd estimate is over 30 years old. In my bathroom, I didn't sweep first, and Scooba just pushed hair and dirt around on the floor as it cleaned. One eight-hour Scooba charge lasts for two 20-minute, small-room cleanings defined as 60 square feet each, or one 45-minute large- room cleaning measuring 150 square feet. When Scooba's battery is dead, a red light on its lid turns on.
Scooba 230
Scooba comes with four removable bottom plates, which are plastic pieces that house its squeegee and brushes, and four packets of cleaning solution. This solution costs $12 a bottle when purchased separately, and one bottle lasts for 64 cleanings. Two small, battery-powered devices called Virtual Walls also come with the Scooba. When powered on, these devices project a beam that Scooba won't cross, so they can be placed in front of an opened door or set up to restrict the robot to a certain area in one room.
One task that I gave to Scooba was washing my hardwood floors after I spilled a glass of juice. I soaked up the juice with paper towels, but the floor was still sticky and dirty with a scent of V8 Splash. I filled Scooba with one packet of cleaning solution and warm water. Using its flip-up handle, I carried the robot into a room and placed it in the center of the floor, pressing power, then Clean; holding the Clean button down turns on its shorter cycle, indicated by a different tone. Scooba made a whirring sound as its wheels propelled it across the floor with its underbelly brushes at work. A bumper on its front keeps Scooba from nicking walls.
Sometimes Scooba moved slowly then sped up quickly, or hugged walls, or spiraled out from the center of the room. It's mesmerizing to watch, and as it moves it lays water down on the floor to loosen stuck-on particles. Once in a while, Scooba seemed to get stuck in a corner, humming and grinding for 10 to 15 seconds. It was tempting to want to help it get unstuck, but it used what iRobot calls "escape behavior" to eventually get back to zipping around the floor.
My grimy kitchen floor needs a serious scrub to get clean, which the Scooba alone couldn't do. It could, however, be used to maintain a degree of clean—and pinch hit when juice is spilled. Just be sure to sweep your floors first.


I'm not even sure if I can comprehend how this man does what he does!

Monday, April 11, 2011

OH, you crazy football fans....

I WISH I could take credit for the following stunt pulled at the University of Florida gators football Spring Game....

There’s been some hub-bub today over a flyover at Florida’s spring game that included a banner that read: “31-7 Go Noles!”
The numbers were, of course, in reference to last year’s Florida State-Florida game that saw the Seminoles come out on top of their hated rivals to the southeast. As of now, there is no clear indication who came up with the idea of the plane and banner, but rumblings and rumors are joyously roiling away inside Seminole Nation as we speak. That said, there probably are many who would like to claim credit for the prank.
One thing is clear. Neither one of the guys in the video below had a part in the festivities. They were inside Doak Campbell Stadium, going through their own workouts when the Gators took to The Swamp for their annual “Orange and Blue” spring game this afternoon.
Check out the video below of FSU RB Lonnie Pryor (left) and K Dustin Hopkins talking about the flyover and what having a potentially bigger spring game crowd than Florida’s announced 53,000 would mean to them.


Source: Orlando Sentinel

Big Day

Well today has/will be been a fairly big day of sorts. My mind has been going in a million different directions, so I've been distracting myself with whatever possible. My dad had spinal surgery today to implant a shunt. The surgery is over, and he is recovering. So that's good news. Today is also my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. Great timing, right? Today also marks the day I put my two weeks in at my current job and I become super excited and nervous about my new one in two weeks. I have been the opportunity to make a HUGE move for me professionally and it feels AMAZING to see that my years in grad school were not a waste of time and money. (a LOT of money).

So to help keep me distracted I have been looking at FSU football stuff. I know, nothing new, right? The spring game is this Saturday and I CANNOT wait to see the players, new and old, show us what they got.

If updates are not as frequent as usual, don't be alarmed. Between all the mentioned above, I am also moving next week. Haha. I do love to multi-task.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buy this, not that

I am a HUGE fan of the blog/website Copy Cat Chic. This woman (and her readers) find the best deals on furnishings for your home/life etc. After my latest cheap score for shoes I got to thinking that maybe I could spread the word on all the cheaper versions of shoes I see EVERYwhere. I love designer shoes, but my wallet does not. I know I am not alone, so I'm here to share the joy.

Seychelles "Gypsy" sandals $85-119

Target's Women's Mossimo® Vivien Pleated Heeled Sandals - Black $22

Dolce Vita's "jade"  $175
Target's Women's Mossimo® Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals - Brown $28
Rebecca minkoff "Vixen" $275

Steve Madden's "Taliaa" $55

L.A.M.B's "Cahoot" $295
Steve Madden's "Caryssa" $44

Sam Edelman "gigi" $60

Kimchi Blue T-Strap Sandal $24

Target's Women's Xhilaration® Titania Flat Thong $ 19.99 and Target's Women's Merona® Emeline Braided Flat$15


Oh how I love shoes :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seriously? It's like you're photoshopped!

One, this movie looks absolutely adorable.

Two, Ryan Gosling.

Three, I have a girl crush on Emma Stone.

Four, I'm a sucker for silly romantic comedies.

Oh, and did I mention Ryan Gosling........shirtless?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011