Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A tribute to Vic Viloria

Most people may be saying who is Vic Viloria? But those who are Seminole nation obsessed like moi will know this guy is a badass. Okay, maybe not the most professional way of putting it out there, but I feel a guy as cool and as awesome for the FSU football program should be called nothing less.
So who IS Vic Viloria? I feel there are two ways to describe this man; one, the professional bio and two, the way myself and the way the rest of the Seminole nation should.
The professional bio version:
The Viloria Profile
Birthdate: July 22, 1979
Hometown: Chalmette, LA
High School: John Curtis Christian
College: SMU
Family: wife, Randi; daughters, Taylor and Mady
Coaching Background
• Vic Viloria joined Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher's staff in January 2010 from SMU - his alma mater - where he spent the previous three seasons as the head strength & conditioning coach.
• Viloria spent the previous two years as an assistant strength coach at LSU under the supervision of Tom Moffitt, working with the Tigers' nationally-ranked football and baseball programs, as well as the swimming and golf teams.
• A disciple of renowned weightlifting coach Gayle Hatch, Viloria endorses the "Hatch System" which develops functional and explosive strength in players through the use of free weights, plyometrics and jumping drills.
• Viloria was a four-year letter winner at linebacker for SMU and a three-time member of the All-Western Athletic Conference team. He led the Mustangs in tackles each of final three seasons and recorded at least 10 tackles in 21 games over the course of his career.
• He was a member of the NFL Europe's Scottish Claymores.
• Viloria is certified by USA Weightlifting.
• Married to former SMU sprinter and track assistant Randi Taylor, the Viloria's have two daughters, Taylor Ann and Mady.
Coaching History
LSU, 2004-2006 (assistant strength & conditioning coach); SMU, 2007-2009 (head strength & conditioning coach); Florida State 2010-present (head strength & conditioning coach/football)

And then there is the way I see him

This is a man who LOVES his job. He loves his team. He will do whatever he can during a game to make sure the players know exactly how he feels and to make sure they are just as pumped as he is. Hell, you could say he was even trying to be a cheerleader. Constantly jumping up and down in his signature black shirt, arms waving and motioning for the crowd to get LOUD. It warms my heart to see a coach to full of spirit and gusto in a game. He does not care what the score is. We can be down 10 or up 31-0 and he has the same intensity, the same energy about making sure our boys (and the fans for that matter) are on their A game.
You can clearly see from my diagram the level of awesome this man brings to the game:

I think one of the real reasons why I love having this new coach, besides the obvious talent he brought to the strength and conditioning side of football, is seeing him and our Head Coach, Jimbo Fisher, have PASSION for our team, our game. When was the last time we saw ole Bobby get really lit up about something, get in an Ref's face, scream his lungs out. Watching Jimbo get all lit up(and rightly so) over the very flagrant and dangerous facemask penalty on receiver Bert Reid during the BYU game.
Jimbo lost his S*%!, as did the rest of the stadium. The Ref's didn't call the penalty and Jimbo was NOT having it:
What you don't see (and darnit I wish I had taken a pic myself!) was other coaches and staff trying to pull Jimbo off the Refs. At first you can tell Vic was going the way of controlled coach and was one of the ones trying to calm him down, but after (what appeared) to be the refs refusing to do a thing over a BYU player almost decapitating an FSU player , Mr. Vic turned to the crowd (who was loudly booing) and started to encourage them. I do believe I even saw fist pumping while standing on a bench during a "Jimbo, Jimbo, Jimbo" chant echoed in the stands. I seriously felt my heart swell with pride. Here my team was, full of passion, pride, and concern for OUR team. I seriously felt like a parent watching their kid score their first touchdown at that moment.

I cannot remember the last time Bobby would've dared done this. All I remember the last few years is him mumbling some dad-gums, looking disappointed, and him at the OPPOSITE side of the field from where the action was going on. I am, and will forever be, a Bobby Bowden lover. The man did amazing, great things for FSU Football- hell the school- but we needed passion again, and he couldn't provide it anymore.

If you want to read some more greatness about Coach Viloria, follow me this way...
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And to see what Vic puts our boys through to train go here (I love how you can ALWAYS spot Coach Vic by the black shirts he wears. He must own a hundred black FSU shirts!). Plus there's some eye candy in there for you ladies ;)

*all images taken from I do not own them or the bio statistics
*all AWESOME micosoft paint work done by myself :)

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