Monday, October 4, 2010

Project time!!!

So in order to stay in line with my list and to save money I got crafty this weekend! Actually crafty would not be technically correct I suppose considering all I did was paint a dresser I constructed from instructions thanks to Ikea. Oh how I love you, Ikea!

My dresser started out like this

I decided to bring some light and happiness to my small room in my apartment by using Krylon "Bright Spot" in Gloss and Krylon Semi-Gloss "White". My second color is so daring and scary, no? haha.

 After one coat I was wary of the impending outcome...

Second coat was still making me wary... I really wanted it to look smooth and solid! Darn-it I was going to make this work like I wanted it to!

By the third coat I was feeling much better about the outcome...minus the slight dizziness from the fumes in my porch, haha.

Four coats later and...... TA-DA!!!

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