Sunday, October 17, 2010

Damn good weekend

This past weekend was a great deal of fun. Good people, good drinks, a good football game, Oh and the Gators lost...again...on their homecoming...and now they are unranked. Muwahahahaha.

At the football game this weekend it happened to be Parent's Weekend for FSU. FSU beat Boston College 24-19. Not a pretty score, but I will take the win! During half time the FSU Marching Chiefs did a "dedication" to the parents attending Parent's Weekend. The ENTIRE band dressed in their best 70s disco/pimp/hippie/elvis gear. Fan-freakin-tastic. I shot some videos and am so pleased I was able to get three songs.

A few photos to begin with...

The Drum Major is first, of course

Videos of performances

"Copa Cabana"

"Play that Funky Music". The best part is the ENTIRE band stopped playing and did a dance. LOVED it.

"Last Dance"

roomie love

my mom is awesome. you should be jealous :)

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