Monday, October 11, 2010

Mosquitos and beer and football, oh my!

This past weekend myself and three of my friends decided to escape tally and go camping at one of my favorite spots on the beach.
We headed out to St. Joseph State Park early Saturday and planned to stay the night and head back Sunday around noon. A quick trip, but a nice one just the same. Now some of you may be wondering why in the WORLD would I, of all people, be miss watching a football game. And this is not just any game, but the FSU vs. Miami game. Two reasons- 1) it was an away game and 2) there is always radios to listen to the game on (plus the Sunday replays on SUN network in Florida).
I was especially happy because I got to break out my precious....errr, I mean my Nikon again and go to town. Still far from where I want to be as "artistic" goes, but  never thought it'd be overnight.

Without further ado.....a crapload of pics to give a summary of the trip:

The beach

Sunset fun

The campsite
My friend's idea on how to split wood since we forgot a hatchet/axe. Trust me, hilarity ensued...
The next day we stopped in the GORGEOUS Apalachicola, Fl. Very possibly my favorite little beach town in the world.
Fantastic lunch. Everyone should stop here on their way through.

The weekend was fun despite the outrageous amount of Skeeters. For those non-southern speakers, that's country for mosquitos.
and yay noles for whoopin' on those Canes - 45-17!!!

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