Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinos are scary, kapeesh?


This is a short video of a guy wearing one of those ultra-realistic 'Walking with Dinosaurs' t-rex suits and running around an Australian schoolyard trying to make kids tar their pits pants. Most of the children run in terror, but I spotted at least a couple future dino-lovers in the crowd. Personally, I would have mounted that thing like a rodeo bull and ridden it for the full 8-seconds -- then another 30 until I was finished. "Finished what?" *wink* "FINISHED WHAT?!" *raising the roof*

Thanks to Enormosaurus, Jim, peanut, Shenanigans and Jonathan, who used to have imaginary dinosaur friends that sat with them at lunch to help protect their desserts from bullies. Daaaaaaaaaw.

Source:  Geekologie

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