Monday, August 16, 2010

Grinds my gears....

So this past friday was "Friday the 13th". OOOOO, scary!

Well I have unfortunately, in the past, have actually had some really bad experiences on Friday the 13ths, but it can all be chalked up to coincidence, or what have you. Well My (bad) luck struck again. I got home and my roommate informed me that someone(s) had stolen our patio furniture. Oh wait, let me correct that, stolen some of our patio furniture. You see we have a first floor aprtment, with a screened-in porch. A few weeks ago part of our screens had been taken down due to repiars to the outside facade of our building. We never thought for one moment that with these flimsy screens down for a couple of weeks that anything would happen, especially to our measily furniture.
Guess we were wrong! We had four run of the mill green plastic chairs with a mathcing foot stool that looked somehting like this (minus the table) :

In addition to these chairs and footstool I had also purchase a small round glass table. On Friday my roommate returned home and later discovered that three chairs had be stolen. THREE. Who takes three chairs?!
I mean if you're going to rip us off, at least take the whole set. So now we are left with one chair, one awkward looking table and a footstool.

This really grinds my gears......

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