Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So close!

FSU Football 2010


and this just cracked me up (from fsu fan day)


The above ring is of Ryan Sprague, who was an FSU football walk-on in 1996. He earned a scholarship by the end of his first year, and started every game of the 1999 12-0 season. Sprague is selling a book he wrote titled "Grateful: From Walk-on to Winning it All at Florida State", and the forward is written by Bobby Bowden.

I personally knew Ryan from about 98 to 2000. He is an amazing person and a lot of what he (and his now wife) said to me while I was a member of the church youth group has stuck with me through the years. He and and his wife are examples of truly great people. And, no, they have no idea I am writing this.

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