Monday, June 14, 2010

Fresh Start

Since it is only a couple of days removed from my (gasp!) 25th birthday, I felt it would be a great adventure to make a list of "25 things for 25 year old Alyson". I've seen all these other blogs and websites with people and their own personal lists whether they be goals for the year, bucket lists, assignments by others, etc. I decided put this task on myself since I don't technically have any future goals planned out for me. I earned my Masters last summer, and after I completed school all I have done is work. How B-O-R-I-N-G.
So what better way to restart my blog then to start with my list:

1. save and buy nikon d3000 camera with all wanted accessories

2. take more pictures!(with and before new camera)

3. try a new recipe/food each week

4. spend more "individual" time with each dog

5. work on communication skills

6. love more

7. go on a "mini" vacation by myself.

8. read more( for fun)

9. be better about organization

10. craft more, spend less

11. donate more

12. do more outside

13. learn a new skill

14. treat myself better

15. listen to more classical music

16. lose the last 35 pounds by end of year

17. spend more time with sister

18. exercise more

19. be a better friend

20. "treat myself" once a month

21. blog

22. plant/ grow food

23. relax more

24. get a better paying job

25. laugh more.

Looks like I'm working on #21 already.....

and now an obligatory picture of something I love

shoes (designer flats marked down 75% off, love you dillards clearance rack!)
 and red sunglasses

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