Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My mind is going a million miles a minute

I didn't get much sleep last night (way too excited that the boyfriend came home after a long trip) and ended up staying up way too late, but still having to come to work and be at my desk no later than 8am. Unlike most people who lack sleep and end up dragging through most of the day, I end up just being unable to focus and have things race through my mind at lightening speed. To appease my crazy thoughts and to (I suppose) distract myself from upcoming deadlines at work I end up searching through my favorite website haunts and sports pages in order to find somehting fun to focus on. Today's focus has become two items.
1. Anything FSU baseball related
2. Anything FSU football related

Yes, indeed, I am a FSU sport fanatic and proud of it. Currently I am seriously jones-ing for some football, but since I cannot have it, I am going to focus on baseball. Glorious baseball - America's age ole classic. It's an especially exciting time because FSU is going to the College World Series in Omaha (for the 20th time!) and I just hope we might be able to pull it out this year. Our poor Coach Martin has been doing this for 32 years and the man has still yet to win. Runner up more than once, but not yet the champion.
If you happen to be interested in reading more about my boys ....I mean, the FSU baseball squad, here are  few links:

FSU Baseball Official Website
College World Series Updates

The first game is on Saturday and is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. (CT) and features TCU (51-12) and Florida St. (47-18). Here's to our boys!

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