Thursday, September 9, 2010

California - Part 1

For the first part of my documenting my California travels I will have you step into my world as a breakfast crazy foodie lover. It started out as an accident/fun, then turned into a mission. My friend, Gena, and her husband, Eric, and I can all willingly admit we go a little crazy with the food/beer when we get together. This past trip it mostly about the food. I think I brought back with me 40 extra pounds - 20 in food weight and 20 in clothes I bought :)

Each morning we would have the wonderful task of deciding where would would we be starting our day. The first morning Gena and I went to our favorite spot to go together, Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa. Dear goodness! I could eat every single item on that menu, it's so unbelievably delicious. I didn't bring my fancy camera with me to the breakfasts in fear of getting food on it (i know, i'm paranoid), but Gena and I did manage to always take pics with our Droids :)

Gena's berry Crepe
My breakfast, the "open-faced" (think biscuits smothered in eggs, chicken sausage, gravy and then topped with spicy "queso") with a side of roasted potatoes - MMMM!

Day two- breakfast at Layer Cake Bakery

Gena's French toast with fresh berries (can you tell she loves berries?)

I had a panini breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns (while also furiously checking my droid for fsu football updates because of the time change)

and as a "toppper" a caramel canelle that Eric and I split.

Day three - Plums Cafe

Eric got an omelet, yes that's an omelet (a very fancy one) and Gena got a waffle, with (surprise, surprise, haha) berries)

I got Eggs Benedict and potatoes. the absolute best eggs benedict I have ever eaten!!!

Day Four - we went back to Old Vines Cafe, this time with Eric.

Gena got the crepe again, Eric got what i had gotten last time, the "open-faced", and I got the standard biscuits and gravy. very delicious

Morning five was spent eating leftovers form our adventures and figuring out how to space bag my clothes I had bought so I wouldn't have to check my extra bag I had gotten to carry all my new stuff :) Yeah, I was very bad.

Look for California part two soon....

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