Sunday, September 12, 2010

California - part 2

Since the Seminoles didn't get the win yesterday, I've decided to make myself feel better by continuing my California update.

Part of the trip was spent doing lots and lots of beer/drink sampling. Mostly it was Eric and myself doing the sampling, but Gena was happy to help with photography/ be our very kind driver.

First night of sampling came from a place called Slater's 50/50. The place is known for it's 1 pound, yes 1 pound, burger made from a half pound of beef STUFFED with a half pound of bacon on the inside. I did NOT partake in that, but Eric was happy to oblige.

Eric's burger

For our first sampling we ordered the "board of beer".

Guvna, Calico, Stone Anniversary Ale, and Allagash beer.

Next day was the Orange County International Food/Beer festival

I decided to stick to Germany and Mexico. Life was very good

The last day we went to San Clemente and a place called Pizza Port Brewery
Sadly my favorite beer I sampled there is ONLY a West Coast beer - Carlsbad Chronic Beer. Yes, I love Chronic beer. No more words are necessary...haha.

It was also confirmed I loathe Oatmeal Stouts - BLECK!

The after shot

til the next post........

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