Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, Dazzle me happy!

Today is a wonderours day, despite me having caught the sore throat/ cold from hell.

Today I got my first  order from ShoeDazzle in! I know, I know - Didn't I just write a blog about budgeting and being better with money? Well, if you know me, then you know that shoes are a great love of my life and that if i did NOT include a shoe budget for myself, would have been a crime I tell you, haha. In reality, as part of my plan to help me stick to my budget every month I signed up for Shoe Dazzle, this way I only buy one pair of shoes- at most- and keep my "shopping" budget under control. Can't shake a stick at a deal where everything being $39 bucks or under!

The Anticipation.....

Almost there!


And fit like a glove!

Please ignore the funky angles of the photos of the shoes on my feet. very hard to get a good one without a big mirror laying around.

Each month when I get my new shoes from shoe dazzle I'll be sure to share. I'm in love!

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