Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Well, technically, they are not "falling" on my head currently, but the weather in Tally has been wet lately. This has made the fact that I no longer posess rainboots only that more glaringly obvious. And with the advent of fall/winter looming ahead, I do believe it's time to once again invest in some adorable rainboots.

There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that I hate more than having to walk around with soggy pants in cold weather. The cold in Tally is obviously not nearly as terrible as it is in the northern states, but damn, when it's a "wet cold" here it can be down right bone-chilling.

In a perfect world I would be getting some lovely Tretorn "Skerry Vinter" Boots. Preferably purple with fuzzy lining thankyouverymuch. Observe:

Now they are "only" $60 on (gosh I wish I got paid to talk about them, I would be in heaven), but I still cannot rationalize spending that much on rainboots, no matter how adorable. So, target it is!

How precious are these?

and come on, the inner sorority girl in me is screaming over these....

But I think I should be a little more practical and just get some solid colored ones...maybe red? They'd still be spunky, but a little more practical then a whale pattern, haha.

Oh Target and your $24 boots, how I love thee!

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