Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Atlanta never disappoints

Over the lovely Fourth of July holiday I spent time with some my favorite people and City. My friend Blake and I made the the drive up to Atlanta on Friday after work and stayed until Monday afternoon. Without fail, I always have a fantastic time while I'm there. There is constantly something happening in Atlanta and not to mention the company isn't half bad either ;) I love it so much that I'm going to be actively start looking for employment there in next few months. I realize that I only "visit" Atlanta for trips for no longer than a week, and living there is a completely different thing, but I really need to get out of Tally. Don't get me wrong. I love tally, nothing wrong with it per say, but I have lived here my WHOLE life. Any of my friends can tell you the main reason why I'm even still here was because Andy is finishing his Masters and the dogs were obviously here as well. Now that that is no longer something/someone to keep me here, I'm moving on. Literally.

Sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Just thinking of being away from my family/friends/dogs/people I love, still makes me sad and tear up, but that's not strong enough to keep me here anymore. Hell, if another option opened up before anything with Atlanta happened, who is to say I wouldn't do that instead? Point is, it's time to grow, time to figure out life now that my plans I thought I had are now gone.

And to leave on a fun note, some snapshots of my weekend:

First night in town

I requested a pomegranate martini. I received a martini and quafer floating in a brandy glass of leftovers. Confusing, but delicious.
Next day at "The Vortex". yummy food and PBR
new wallpaper perhaps?
redneck Margaritas
One part frozen limeade, one corona, 12 oz white zinfandel, 10-12oz white/silver tequila. Combine for deliciousness that you weren't expecting :)


  1. Even if what they gave you is 'confusing but delicious', I'd still probably go insane if I don't get my pomegranate martini! lol! I just love it! I don't really drink that much. Just pomegranate martini and I'm all happy. :)

  2. oh, i got my drink, i just got the "extra" in that second weird glass thing. very delicious!