Friday, July 2, 2010

Something that needs to be said about finding a dog

I was reading new blog post over at Honey, The Great Dane 's website and I felt truly moved to spread the latest article her owner/trainer wrote:
Great Dane reality

I am a PROUD owner of a American Great Dane (brindle coat), Moose. He truly is one of the loves of my life. He, like any true Dane nature, is sweet, affectionate, loyal, and an obedient Dane. But this was not achieved through just good breeding, but through CONSTANT training from day ONE. Before Andy and I got Moose we did our research, as anyone should do before getting a pure-bred dog. We knew the pros and cons, and were also aware of how important training him would be from day one, not only for his benefit, but for our own. I mean this dog would be 3/4 to 5/6 the size of me by a year and a half and MUCH stronger. It was very important that he know his limits. God forbid he bark or try to jump or play too hard with a stranger. Because guess what happens when someone sees a large dog and they get scared? It's ALWAYS the large dog's fault even if the other person/dog initiated the aggressiveness or their dog( no matter how little) was biting and attacking my dog first. Stupid double-standards.

I implore everyone to read the above posted article and share it with anyone who thinks they want a Dane.

On a lighter note, some adorable pictures of my darling Moose :)
Moose at 12 weeks, all feet at this point
13 weeks

playing around at 4 months
4 months

yes, he climbed up there on his own, yes we allowed it only because he only did it til he was 6 months old, haha.
4-5 months
kisses for Aunt Sarah at 8-9 months
8-9 months

fell asleep with favorite toy in mouth

kisses for momma at full height. I'm 5'2" and he can easily do this with someone 6 feet tall without any issues. He only does this on command and was trained to NEVER do this without the proper command/hand signal.
kisses for momma


  1. Found you through Honey's blog and thought we'd say Hi!
    Moose is such a cutie!!! Love those puppy pictures of him.
    Hsin-Yi's blog post was a great one (they usually are) and I hope everyone takes the time to read it! One of Darwin's brother was rehomed just before they turned a year because his owner "underestimated his size". OI.

  2. looked at your blog, too cute!