Friday, July 30, 2010

For your enjoyment.....

This is a serious product, and that's what makes it so awesomely awful.

Camelflage panties are women's underwear with a piece of plastic (or something) sewn into the crotch that prevents the panties from forming a highly undesirable camel-toe (similar to the Cuchini). Wait -- those aren't cool anymore?! *untapes wiener from between buttcheeks* Per customer testimonial:
"I am OBSESSED with my panties and will be ordering more next week. Two pairs just won't cut it with my workout schedule....I love my Camelflage!!! Thanks to you, the guys at the gym were staring at the games on TV and not at my crotch!!!! Also, it protects the lady parts on the bike seat."
Whoa whoa whoa -- BIKE SEATS HAVE LADY PARTS?! I may never drive again!

 Taken from Geekologie

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